Monday, June 15, 2020

JSLinux PC/x86 emulator in Javascript running Linux

run an emulated linux in browser:

Run Linux or other Operating Systems in your browser!

Linux distribution

It uses the Buildroot embedded distribution. Custom packages are added for vfsync, qemacs, riscvemu, x86emu, tcc, calc. Optional X Window support is available with the Fluxbox window manager.


Access to Internet is possible inside the emulator. It uses the websocket VPN offered by Benjamin Burns (see his blog). The bandwidth is capped to 40 kB/s and at most two connections are allowed per public IP address. Please don't abuse the service.

There is even a WebSockets Proxy
Yo dawg, I heard you like browsing the web, so I put a browser in your browser so you can browse while you browse!
A websocket ethernet switch built using Tornado in Python
Implements crude rate limiting on WebSocket connections to prevent abuse.

Getting Started:

A Gentle Introduction to JSLinux
Let's take a Linux emulator in the browser for a spin

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