Monday, July 09, 2007

Please don't spam in my comments here.

I can't believe people are spamming into blog comments now.
It's there no end. I don't want your stock, Viagra, mass mail service, hoodia, Rolex watches or what ever other crap your selling, nor do my readers want this.

On that note, go to my sites and click on all the Google adds you can please.

Seriously, I have Unix and for some notes on programming and development. Unix program also has a good image collection, please don't link to these from your myspace page.

As much as I am pro-BSD, I have had to start doing more and more Linux development. My name is in the Linux Kernel since 2.6.17 on the VIVI driver.

I guess at some level they are on the same side of the battle as us BSDers.

"I must say the linux community is a lot nicer than the unix
community. a negative comment on unix would warrent death
threats. with linux, it is like stirring up a nest of butterflies."

-- Ken Thompson. 1999

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