Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fwd: Learn how to develop faster, more cost-effectively and with less risk with PaaS

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Date: Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 10:10 AM
Subject: Learn how to develop faster, more cost-effectively and with less risk with PaaS
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»Enterprise Architecture for Better Business Decisions

»Subversion 1.7 - Why You Should Care

»Accelerate Application Delivery

» Improve the Ops in DevOps

» Ten Advantages of Platform-as-a-Service
   Engine Yard

» Enterprise Integration Patterns: Past, Present and Future



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Computer on your wrist.

Fwd: News from Condor Storage Inc.

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From: "Jeanne Wilson" <jeanne@condorstorage.com>
Date: Nov 28, 2011 5:13 PM
Subject: News from Condor Storage Inc.
To: <sokol@videotechnology.com>

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New Logo        DiskVaults.com Logo

Nov/Dec 2011  Newsletter 
Condor Storage is a national mass storage and backup integrator. We pride ourselves on accurate product representation, going the extra mile for our clients and negotiating great pricing with over 24 storage vendors. 
green globe QLS logo 
Greener IT needs push tape purchases:

The Qualstar XLS Enterprise tape library family allows for affordable, green powered backup and archival of your data. We are seeing a resurgence of interest in tape libraries now that LTO-5 tapes are affordable ($70)and hold 1.5TB per cartridge. Coupled with policy-based archival software that we have found to cost just 1/3rd that of the library hardware, cost conscious users can address spiraling growth rates and incur 200+% less energy costs vs. disk solutions. Please inquire for a quick cost illustration of a base model system with archival software. 

Note: Due to the current floods in Thailand, disk drive prices are flunctuating and we are seeing minor allocations. Now may be a good time to overhaul your backup hardware, as tape drives are not affected. 

Qualstar XLS Enterprise Tape Library Video-3 minutes
Qualstar XLS Enterprise Tape Library Video-3 minutes


RelData Unified Storage Arrays: High IOPS, Low Cost, Tiered Storage 

RelData Logo




RelData's New 9400 Series arrays provide block and file consolidation. Redundant high performance head units coupled with 45 bay JBODs for easy expansion are an ideal solution for clients wanting iSCSI SAN plus NAS/NFS and replication/virtualization and migration, even from existing legacy storage. These come standard with (8) 1Gb ports for data [that can be aggregated] plus a dual 10GbE option is shipping. Shopping for SAN? We invite you to request more details and view a webinar to receive a DiskVaults.com Superman T-Shirt.  (while supplies last)
Our Note: High IOPS, provisioned snapshot technology, great prices and a sophisticated tool/reporting menu make this a great SAN/NAS option. 

  Nasuni's Data Continuity    Service, now w/multi-site access! 

What is Nasuni: It's the first storage as a service/cloud model that combines on-premise access and control, performance and security with offsite scalability and redundancy. Nasuni's Data Continuity Service promises a 100% reliability guarantee, and delivers:

  • On-premise primary storage with built-in backup and offsite protection
  • Centralized management through an easy to learn web interface
  • Easy adoption- requiring less than one (1) hour of IT training
  • Straightforward implementation and deployment
  • Lights-out maintenance
  • One-click restore of any version of a file or directory
  • Complete system restore within 15 minutes after a disaster

Our Tech Note: It's like buying a mirrored NetApps filer in 1TB. chunks, renewable yearly, with no SLA's or data center buildout. Plus, no one else has multiple site access to a file system via backend storage (Amazon S3) with security, encryption and a primary NAS interface. 


We invite you to start using the Nasuni technology via our landing page to download this. Please call for assistance or a price quote. 


Try Nasuni for Free Now  


Contact Us

A Message from our President:
We custom architect for each and every client with a data center project to solve. If you run into shortage issues on your mass storage needs for Q4, please call us and we promise to be resourceful and help you anyway we can. 

Partial Vendor List: 
  • Data Direct Networks, SGI, Nexsan, BlueArc/Hitachi for Enterprise SAN, NAS and HPC solutions. 
  • PresSTORE, Aspera, Sonnett and Active Storage for MAC/Apple and mixed platform workflow and archive solutions. 
  • EMC, Nexsan, Huawei Symantec, and RelData for iSCSI SAN and DAS. 
  • Qualstar, Overland and SpectraLogic Tape Libraries and Unitrends and Nexsan Assureon Archival Appliances
  • Solid State Arrays and SAN Acceleration 
  • Chelsio Unified Storage Software, 10GbE HBA's, Fibre to iSCSI Low Cost Migration 
Visit our new Microsite :    
 DiskVaults.com Logo

Jeanne Wilson
President/Storage Architect

SAN, NAS, DAS, Archive and Backup Integration
Direct: 928-284-2535 or 888-472-8028 email: jeanne@condorstorage.com

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dongle makes any screen an android device


Introducing Commodore OS Vision


Introducing Commodore OS Vision

Commodore OS Vision is a community driven Linux distribution for Commodore enthusiasts that is designed to unleash your creative potential and help you enjoy your computing experience to the fullest. Commodore computers were well known for their unique operating environments, so we seek to do the same, by providing a distinctive, attractive, advanced and fun operating system experience. Its look is inspired by the Commodore 64 and original Commodore Amiga Workbench user environments but with a modern spin, which includes many slick graphical effects which showcase the capabilities of our new Commodore machines.

Download Commodore OS Vision

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Incubated Projects - Apache Incubator


Fwd: Next week: An Introduction to POSIX Threads Programming by Kevin Dankwardt

Link to slide presentation from  Posix Threads talk.

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From: "Silicon Valley Linux Technology" <info@meetup.com>
Date: Nov 23, 2011 1:46 PM
Subject: Next week: An Introduction to POSIX Threads Programming by Kevin Dankwardt
To: <john.sokol@gmail.com>

Meetup Reminder
Silicon Valley Linux Technology
An Introduction to POSIX Threads Programming by Kevin Dankwardt
will happen on Wednesday, November 30, 2011
When: Where: Your RSVP:
Wednesday, November 30, 2011
6:30 PM
Hacker Dojo
140 S Whisman Road
Mountain View, CA 94041
I'm going Change
Who's going:
56 Linux engineers
See all
Why POSIX threads? Why not? How? Issues, techniques, and more.
Learn more
More Meetups from this group
7:00 PM
Linux Power Management: Why do you need it? A talk by Hunyue.
Hacker Dojo
140 S Whisman Road, Mountain View, CA 94041
A look into why power management is needed and required for Linux. Obvious applications of power management is in the laptop space but many other uses of Linux require power management. In addition, the different flavors of Linux management as it...… MORE

More Meetups:
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Meetup, PO Box 4668 #37895 New York, New York 10163-4668
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HP's Strange Obsession With WebOS For Printers

From Slashdot:

"VentureBeat's (typically unnamed) sources identifies Intel and Qualcomm as being involved in talks for acquiring the Palm asset portfolio. However, citing sources intimate with HP's negotiations, it reports that the company wants to be able to license webOS back for use in printers; it wants it so much, in fact, that the issue has become 'a crucial part' of discussions. Maybe there's something about webOS and printers that HP knows and the rest of the world doesn't."

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fwd: Embedded Systems Technical News

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From: Embedded News <embedded_news@mentor.com>
Date: Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 9:44 AM
Subject: Embedded Systems Technical News
To: John Sokol <john.sokol@gmail.com>

Embedded Systems Technical News

In this issue:

New White Paper

Measuring RTOS Performance: What? Why? How?

This white paper takes a look at "typical" reported performance metrics for an RTOS in the embedded industry. It explains what these numbers signify, how they are measured, and why an embedded system designer should give particular attention to this data.

View now


IESF Germany

Join us at the Integrated Electrical Solutions Forum 2011 in Frankfurt, Germany on November 17th. IESF is a full one-day educational experience including guest speakers, industry sessions, solutions expo, and networking events for anyone working in automotive IVI and embedded design.

Learn More

In-Person Android Training Class

Introduction to Android Platform Development

You are invited to register for this hands-on training "Introduction to Android Platform Development." This class is for software and systems engineers designing Android based embedded products. Mentor has helped many OEMs get to market with Android based products and is uniquely qualified to ensure that the best possible topics are covered.

This course will help you understand how to leverage Android open-source software to engineer Android-based products. We will help you understand the challenges you are likely to face (porting, power management optimization, etc.) and address solutions to these issues. The class also includes hands-on lab exercises guided by industry experts.

You will learn how to:
  • Use the Android build system and development environment
  • Configure and build a kernel
  • Work with Android libraries, memory management, and file systems
  • Best use the Android runtime environment
  • Understand the anatomy of an Android application
  • Do basic Android porting
To view this 3 day course agenda and the multiple dates and locations, click here for more details

Software Evaluation Downloads

Nucleus ReadyStart Evaluation

Experiment with and run the Nucleus RTOS, including actual Nucleus code and graphical applications on the included QEMU based simulation environment. No hardware needed to run the pre-built demos, modify the provided examples or create your own Nucleus application.

What do you get?
  • Binary Nucleus System Project
    • QEMU based Board Support Package (BSP)
  • EDGE Developer Suite with
    • Eclipse IDE
    • Compiler, Assembler, Linker, Debugger, Runtime Libraries
  • Full ReadyStart Documentation
  • Demo and Example Applications
    • Kernel, File System and Networking source code examples
    • Binary Inflexion demo simulating an In Home Display
Download Nucleus ReadyStart evaluation now!

Sourcery CodeBench Evaluation available for download

Mentor Embedded Sourcery CodeBench (formerly Sourcery G++) provides embedded developers all the tools needed for C/C++ embedded application development, including compilers and run-time libraries, source and assembly level debugger and an Eclipse-based integrated development environment. Sourcery CodeBench delivers an environment that is reliable, flexible and takes just minutes to install, allowing developers to compile, flash and debug an embedded application in just minutes. Sourcery CodeBench supports a wide range of CPU architectures and lets you install, flash and debug in minutes.

Try Sourcery CodeBench FREE for a 30 day evaluation today!

Mentor's Embedded Blog

The Colin Walls Blog is Mentor Graphics' most widely read blog and discusses various elements of embedded software. Recent topics range from multicore to USB to hardware design. There are many regular visitors who are not shy about leaving comments or emailing their views. Drop by and get involved - you'll be in good company.

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Mentor Graphics 8005 SW Boeckman Road Wilsonville, OR, 97070, USA
800-547-3000 or 503-685-8000

Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions. Linux is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. and other countries.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

C programming, Pre-defined Macro's

A typical example of using predefined macros is for reporting error conditions in a generic macro so you can find your way in the to where the problem occurred.

fprintf (stderr, "Internal error: negative string length %d at %s, line %d.",length, __FILE__, __LINE__);

__func__ (c99) and __FUNCTION__(GCC)

Information about compile

Date and time are precious to know exactly what binary you are running, with embedded systems this come up often.

__STDC_VERSION__  (doesn't work for me, but it's in doc's) 



Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cleaning HTML, removing unwanted tags.

sed \
   -e 's/background-color:[ a-z]*; //g'  \
   -e 's/>/>\n/g' \
   inputfile > outputfile

In the above example, I remove any  background-color tags.

I am using \ to separate what would normally be on a single line in to multiple lines.

  In the first line it removes the tags,  background-color:[ a-z]*;   
   in the next line it adds a new line to the end of each HTML tag.  This is for some web content that's just all packed in to a single line.

Linux vs Fascism -was: Help Occupy Oakland get electricity, lights, Linux etc ...

Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2011 09:01:47 -0800
From: Mark S Bilk <mark@cosmicpenguin.com>
To: svlug@lists.svlug.org
Message-ID: <20111114170147.GF14634@isis.cosmicpenguin>
References: <1321190275.10409.140660998280189@webmail.messagingengine.com>
In-Reply-To: <cf4a56ed-5772-41c9-a2ce-ac6c12897404@email.android.com>
Subject: Linux vs Fascism -was: Help Occupy Oakland get electricity,
       lights, Linux etc ...

The domination and exploitation of the world's people by the
ultra-wealthy and their corporations, governments, and media
have a strong negative effect on Linux and other free software.

Linux adoption is only a tiny fraction of what it would have
been without Microsoft's years of lying propaganda, $100,000,000
fraudulent SCO lawsuit, media censorship by threat of withdrawal
of advertising, bribed columnists and analysts, secret contracts
with OEMs forbidding sale of computers with dual-booting, etc, etc.

At the same time, the people of the World Community are gradually
waking up to the political and economic realities mostly because
of information transmitted via the Internet, which runs on free
software.  GNU/Linux and other free software are necessary for
people around the world to communicate and organize, especially
in the face of increased government/corporate efforts to censor
the Net.  We need complete user control over our software, not
corporate control as with Microsoft products.

The U.S. and allied governments have been invading and smashing
other nations and murdering millions of people in the last ten
years, using the 9/11 false-flag attacks as their false pretext.
The laws, agencies, and concentration camps are already in place
in the U.S. for its transformation to a total police state,
with arbitrary arrest, torture, and murder of American citizens.

Linux needs and is needed by the people in the U.S. and around
the world who are fighting for freedom and survival.

This conflict is by far the most important thing going on in the
world at this time.  Our species can either go down into an
eternal night of world fascism and death under control of
ultra-wealthy psychopaths, with 1% of the population continuing
to own 99% of the wealth, or by education and action we can
advance our civilization and technology so that work and its
products and profits are shared much more equally, and everyone
lives successfully.

This is the reality in which we live!  Human history is at
a turning point.  We must become aware of what's going on and
consider its implications for everything.  It is truly a matter
of life or death!

Mark S Bilk


On Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 06:30:38AM -0800, Lisa wrote:
>Regardless of anyone's political leanings, I would like to ask if this sort of post belongs on a Linux users' group's mailing list.
>We have gone down the political path one way or another before and in usually ends up in an argument and someone suggesting we "get back on topic."
>So, this time, I am immediately suggesting that non-linux, political, supportave of any political groups that are not directly addressing software issues, are not appropriate here... regardless of how many on this list would be expected to side with the cause.
>giovanni_re <john_re@fastmail.us> wrote:
>A great bunch of wonderful people. I've been by a few hours the past
>few weeks.
>I'm working to help them get holiday light strings on every tent - that
>will make it safer to walk around the tents, look brighter & more
>inviting, & beautiful.
>Bring a string of holiday lights to donate - even a 99 cent one is
>great. :)
>Donate an extension cord.
>Donate a 7" Coby tablet running android linux, $88 this week at frys, -
>would be
>great help to the media/web/network people, if you've got that much
>14th & Broadway, heart of the business district, right outside city
>hall. 14 th st BART station.
>The police stole their bike electric generator - like this one also
>stolen by the police in SF, IIRC.
>You ( everyone there) gets to vote in the general assembly meeting about
>- see the calendar for event times.
>They are facing eviction at any moment by the powers that be. But they
>are very resilient , & bringing lights & linux will help them out.
>Whatever your skills are, they will be useful. :)
>Oakland is my home town. If u can't make it here, help your local
>Occupy people.
>[I haven't even made it up to Cal's new event, yet.]
>Bring the kids.
>More news
>I hope to see you there. :)
>== Smartphone Debian: http://wiki.debian.org/Smartphone
>Join in the Global monthly meetings, via voice, about all Free SW HW &

Fwd: Urgent: Stop [U.S.] American censorship of the Internet

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From: Creative Commons <development@creativecommons.org>
Date: Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 4:02 AM
Subject: Urgent: Stop [U.S.] American censorship of the Internet
To: john.sokol@gmail.com

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Urgent: Stop [U.S.] American censorship of the Internet

We're sending this special edition of our newsletter today because the U.S. Congress is holding hearings on horrible legislation known as the "Stop Online Piracy Act" (SOPA) which would directly attack the technical architecture of the Internet and put every website at risk of being taken offline, even due to a single baseless accusation from a copyright troll. SOPA will hit "user generated content" especially hard -- many collections of CC-licensed works will disappear. Read more in our blog post -- Urgent: Stop [U.S.] American censorship of the Internet.

To take action now by contacting officials and spreading the word, please visit americancensorship.org -- a site that CC is proud to support along with friends such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Free Software Foundation, and Public Knowledge.

If you're an educator, please consider signing this community letter against SOPA from the education community.

The Internet and the commons thank you!

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Delete oldest files in a directory

Often you need to process a list of file quickly.  This list can be from any number of sources, in this case I print a file list sorted by time , then delete the oldest ones cleaning out cruft that's accumulating on the server.

root@server:/var/spool/relay-ctrl/allow# ls -t | wc
   1527    1527   21806
root@server:/var/spool/relay-ctrl/allow# ls -t | tail -n 1450 | while read line ; do rm $line; done

so there was 1527  files lying around, and I remove the oldest 1450 of them.

I could just have as easily said keep the latest 100 by changing this to  tail -n +100

       tail - output the last part of files

       tail [OPTION]... [FILE]...

  -n, --lines=N
              output the last N lines, instead of the last 10; or use +N to output lines starting with the Nth

Alternately  I could have used the fine command and removed any files over a certain age. 

find /var/spool/relay-ctrl/allow  -mtime +30  -exec rm \{\} \;

Removes anything over 30 days old. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Testing Ping based random number generator.

If you want to see how this works read:  Generation of Random Number from PING

Below is that random number generator put in to CGI form to run under Apache.
It returns grey levels in a table to provide a visual confirmation of it's output.

If you make the effort to try this code, please leave a short comment.

It's part of a effort to demonstration the use of BASH in making CGI based Applications.


echo "Content-type: text/html"
echo "<html><body>"
echo "<table border=2 cellpadding=2 cellspacing=2>"


while [ $c -lt 32 ]

echo "<tr>"

echo "obase = 16"
ping -c 32 -i 0.2 $target |\
grep "time=" |\
sed \
-e 's/[a-z \.(),_:+=]//g' \
-e 's/\(.\)/\1+/g' \
-e 's/^\(.*\)+$/(\1)% 16/'
} |\
bc |\
awk '{print "<td bgcolor=\"#"$1$1$1$1$1$1"\">"$1"</td>" }' |\
tr -d '\n'

echo "</tr>"


echo "</table>"
echo "</body></html>"

Below is a sample of the output.