Sunday, February 13, 2005

Eris the Greek goddess

Eris is the Greek goddess of discord, whose golden apple was marked, "to the fairest" (Kallisti). The squabble over this apple created the jealousy that led to the Trojan War. We have adopted that name to describe a group of free thinkers who meet once a year to discuss the arts and sciences, philosophy and theology and any other subject which may lead us to the world of ideas beyond our workaday lives.

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Church of BSD

13:35:06) YahonatanWalther: lol!
(13:35:16) YahonatanWalther: I love it, you have an image of Eris on at the top of the page. that is so appropriate
(13:35:31) YahonatanWalther: A BSD religion is gauranteed to Discordian/Erisian type of religion. :)
(13:35:33) sokolvideo: I was going to toss in a budda also.
(13:35:42) YahonatanWalther: nah. stick with Eris.
(13:35:49) YahonatanWalther: Eris is the Khaos Mother
(13:36:58) sokolvideo: don't know that much about it, it more a certain astetics I was shooting for.
(13:37:12) sokolvideo: search for purity, elegance and truth in source code.
(13:37:56) YahonatanWalther: yeah, and by accident you stumbled on the image of Eris. it is SOOO appropriate.