Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Virtual Hosting and other hosting. is offering Linux hosting starting at $15 a month. You get to be root on your own virtual server.
starts at 20Gig, disk space seem very expensive from them as you expand.

I am running 2 Co-Lo's now on FreeBSD. They never have problems, but it's an interesting prospect to get a virtual server, one of my friends is moving off the free Colo to one, basically because it offers compartmentalization for his customers.

IPOWERWEB  offers dedicated server hosting for $129 a month

But they offer regular FreeBSD web hosting through there GUI interface for $5.95 a month, I have a program on source forge rtelnet that allows you to open shell access on there web hosting accounts but there isn't much you can do on there boxes. Still it will run FreeBSD binaries that you can compile at home and upload to the CGI dir.
NOTE: I deliberately put a very simple bug in rtelnet to keep out the kiddies. It's really easy to fix. But I just don't want this to get misused by people that are really clueless.

Other interesting crap to put on the virtual server. 

FROM Wiki - Fetchmail  is an open-source software utility for POSIX-compliant operating systems which is used to retrieve e-mail from a remote POP3, IMAP, ETRN or ODMR mail server to the user's local system. It was developed from the popclient program, written by Carl Harris.  Its chief significance is perhaps that its author, Eric S. Raymond, used it as a model to discuss his theories of open source software development in a widely-read and influential essay on software development methodologies, The Cathedral and the Bazaar.

Web GUI mail packages (it's PHP)

Horde is a PHP-based Web application framework.

It offers applications such as the Horde IMP email client, a groupware package (calendar, notes, tasks, file manager), a wiki and a time and task tracking software.