Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Real-time and fully distributed protocol with no centralized datacenters



A new wire protocol enabling applications to connect directly in a real-time and fully distributed manner, freeing them from relying on centralized datacenters

It works by sending and receiving small bits of JSON via UDP using an efficient routing system based on Kademlia, a proven and popular Distributed Hash Table. Everything within TeleHash is routed based on a generic SHA hash of the related id or URL.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fwd: Easy curve surface measurement by push rod pulse coder !!

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Subject: Easy curve surface measurement by push rod pulse coder !!


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Easy curve surface measurement

       By PUSH ROD CODER !!

Have you ever tried Push Rod Coder?

It's unique, and useful products for several situation.



-PULSE CODER measure the linear movement with 4KHz response and 1/2000 resolution.


What is different with Standard PULSE CODER?

-The spring is embedded in the sensor. Therefore, if there are not any target, The position return to original position.

This function make it easy to measure the curve surface conditions as right images.


If you have any interest our products, please feel free to contact us !!!

Push Rod Coder measure the pushing length, and if you use as above image, you can measure the curve surface condition easily.



1.Spring type displacement sensor


  2.Small size figure


  3. 1/2000 high resolution


  4. High response as 4KHz



Cool Japan !!!  (We will introduce various Japanese unique culture in here !!!)

Koinobori (Carp Streamer)

The beginning of next month, we have one of famous Japanese culture for boy.

As I introduced before, 3/3 is one of girls day in Japan. On the other hand, 5/5 is the day for boys.


Have you ever seen Carp Streamer as left image? We display a decoration called 'koinobori' (carp streamer) for the day either outdoors on a flag pole or indoors in the drawing room. The indoor koinobori is a miniature of the outdoor type. There are various kinds of Carp Streamer, and These carps are a symbols of a family.

If you visit to Japan in this season, please Enjoy Japanese Carp Streamer culture !