Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Build Temperature & Humidity & Smoke Detector Alarm System Based on Arduino

Linux dominates supercomputers as never before

Sunday, June 15, 2014


This is a big deal in getting smaller.  Trying to make small devices based on the PI is always limited by the connectors and adapters.

Now we can make custom PCB's that are far simpler then implementing a CPU system that just does our sensors and I/O.

PCB Express should do well from this.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Annikken Andee - Arduino Bluetooth Shield, control a cell phone from Arduino.

Arduino Bluetooth Shield , With a twist, it let's you control a cell phone from Arduino.

Supports both iOS and Android with what looks like good example code.

It also supports In Circuit Serial Programming and SD card making it able to store and forward, or store to deal with intermittent connections with any loss in a data collection application.

From the video is seems to have a large delay, that would be almost in the seconds and far too much latency for a driving an RC vehicle.

From what I can tell you use their special App and a library so all the the GUI cell phone user interface is programmed from the Arduino.  To do this they must turn the phone in to a slave terminal that responds to push and/or polling?
Looking at Android Library source code right now,

Lots of:
void AndeeHelper::setTitleTextColor(char* color){    textAndee("_TTC", color);}
Looks like a heavy protocol over bluetooth. 

Annikken Andee API Reference

Wow, this lets the Arduino have a lot of control over the cell phone.
You can take pictures, send text messages, of course screen and keyboard control with basic GUI elements, of buttons, sliders, and graphs. 

Amazingly there isn't any calls for sending an E-mail or communicating with a web server.

The website fails to explain what this is doing or how it's working.


Here is a link to the users manual:

Some of my favorite lines: Text-To-Speech
Enable this if you want to use Text-To-Speech capability. Arduino can instruct 
Android to speak a line of text by using library calls. Here is an example code.

Supported Arduino Boards

Annikken Andee (Android and iOS) are compatible with the following boards:
  • Arduino Uno
  • Arduino Leonardo
  • Arduino Mega
  • Arduino Due
  • Femtoduino