Sunday, February 13, 2005

New logo for site

Church of BSD

13:35:06) YahonatanWalther: lol!
(13:35:16) YahonatanWalther: I love it, you have an image of Eris on at the top of the page. that is so appropriate
(13:35:31) YahonatanWalther: A BSD religion is gauranteed to Discordian/Erisian type of religion. :)
(13:35:33) sokolvideo: I was going to toss in a budda also.
(13:35:42) YahonatanWalther: nah. stick with Eris.
(13:35:49) YahonatanWalther: Eris is the Khaos Mother
(13:36:58) sokolvideo: don't know that much about it, it more a certain astetics I was shooting for.
(13:37:12) sokolvideo: search for purity, elegance and truth in source code.
(13:37:56) YahonatanWalther: yeah, and by accident you stumbled on the image of Eris. it is SOOO appropriate.

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