Friday, October 21, 2011

VI, the TV Show?!?!

Vi is the main default Unix Editor. 

So did you know there was a TV show that that name. Well I guess it's a character in a TV Show, still. 

Vi (or Violet) is a Vampire Slayer who is first introduced in the episode "Showtime", portrayed by Felicia Day. As a Potential Slayer, Vi's Watcher sent her under Buffy's protection in Sunnydale during the war with The First Evil. She first appeared timid, often naive about the supernatural. However, when she was imbued with the Slayer power, Vi displayed remarkable skill with a knife inside the Hellmouth against the Turok-Hans ("Chosen"). A couple of years later, she and Andrew Wells produced a television commercial informing recently activated Slayers about the new Watchers' Council run by Buffy ("The Chain"). Vi currently leads the New York Slayer squadron ("Time of Your Life").

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