Friday, October 21, 2011

Time up update your Rootkit's.

If your not getting the idea yet, there is an actual commercial enterprises dedicated to your insecurity.  There full time job is just breaking in to systems, stealing your data and in the process possibly destroying your businesses.

Some are as benign as adding links to your web pages, and inserting annoying advertizing, or just hosting Muslim extremist video's or pirated content.  Other's want to turn your system in to a Zombie,  which means turn it in to a node of a cloud for distributed nefarious activities.  This could be like overloading an IRC channel to take it over, or as part of a DDOS attack.  Other's are to SPAM, or crack captcha.  Even worse to highjack your customers, steal data or passwords that may work on yet other systems.

Bottom line,  There is money in your insecurity!

The current Model's of Operating systems are just broken.  I mean it just wasn't designed for it and were overloading, trying to pile on more and more without redesigning the foundation.

The end result is many of one off efforts, reinventing the wheel over and over, and competing libraries when a more generalized solutions are now long overdue.

From Slashdot:

Most Sophisticated Rootkit Getting an Overhaul

"TDL4, a rootkit that helps build a powerful botnet, is pegged by security vendor ESET as one of the most sophisticated pieces of malware in the world. But its creators aren't resting on their laurels; they're rewriting some of the code from the ground up to make it difficult for antimalware to detect it, creating a hidden boot partition that guarantees malware code will be loaded even before the operating system is. It's part of a plan to turn TDL4 into a turnkey product that can be sold to other criminal operations."

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