Friday, October 07, 2011

NFS mounts from a windows PC.

In order for Windows to mount and NFS partition you must first install  Windows Services for Unix (SFU)

SFU is also known as Interix.  This is windows flavor of Posix compatibility for NT and it considered a Unix Distro!!!

You can download the file from HERE:
Windows Services for UNIX Version 3.5
SFU35SEL_EN.exe  (Direct download link)

The installed dumped the file in
 C:/Documents and Settings/USERNAME/Local Settings/Temp/

Before you install you will need to know about setting up user accounts with NIS or local username mapping, which is just uses simple password and group files.

I chose the local file option because I have no idea how my employer network is setup and didn't feel like contacting IT and going down that path.

Here are the files I chose to use.  It's really just something to shut the program up.

sokol@virtualxp /cygdrive/c
$ cat passwd
jsokol:x:15151:200:John Sokol:/home/jsokol:/bin/bash
sokol@virtualxp /cygdrive/c
$ cat group

Run setup to install this and then reboot.

Once Windows is back up, you can start adding NFS network shares. Do this in just the same way as you would add normal network shares in Windows. From File Explorer, select "Tools" and then "Map Network Drive". In the dialog, type the server/share address in the following format:
using the correct name or IP address for your server, and the correct path to your share. Remember the colon ( : ) !! Tick the Reconnect at Logon so that your shares persist through reboots. Windows firewall (or your own firewall) may block NFS Client on reboot, and should offer you the chance to unblock it.

Install SFU on XP Home
Making Windows Services for Unix (SFU) Install on XP Home Edition
- Take a hexeditor.
- Go to the directory where SFU has been extracted.
- Take file "SfuSetup.msi".
- Make a backup copy of it, just in case you commit an error...
- Open the file "SfuSetup.msi" in a hexeditor.
- Search for string "NOT (VersionNT = 501 AND MsiNTSuitePersonal)"
- Change 501 to 510
- Do not forget to click safe.

Finish. It works on my XP home.

How to install Client for NFS on Windows for a UNIX-to-Windows migration

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