Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In search of the NetBSD meeting

There are a number of clubs that meet in the Bay Area related to different branches of BSD unix and Linux.
and  which is hopelessly out of date.  The Unofficial NetBSD web site. Official NetBSD web site. 

I was hoping to find the:
San Francisco Bay Area NetBSD User Group

So yesterday evening I went to Vince's pizza at 7:30 and no one showed up, then went to the last known meeting location, which was a Pizza Hut on Saratoga and Moorpark that no longer exists.

So the NetBSD meeting is lost.   No amount of googling seems to be able to find them.

Any ideas?

R.M. the Bale maintainer said:
No.  They have had a habit of moving and not telling people in any
reasonable fashion where they've gone.  It's taken some considerable
detective work finding out that they still existed, the last couple of
times they moved.  I'm afraid the most sensible assumption is going to
be that they've ceased to exist unless inquiries on NetBSD mailing lists turn up credible information to the contrary.

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try asking here: