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Nov/Dec 2011  Newsletter 
Condor Storage is a national mass storage and backup integrator. We pride ourselves on accurate product representation, going the extra mile for our clients and negotiating great pricing with over 24 storage vendors. 
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Greener IT needs push tape purchases:

The Qualstar XLS Enterprise tape library family allows for affordable, green powered backup and archival of your data. We are seeing a resurgence of interest in tape libraries now that LTO-5 tapes are affordable ($70)and hold 1.5TB per cartridge. Coupled with policy-based archival software that we have found to cost just 1/3rd that of the library hardware, cost conscious users can address spiraling growth rates and incur 200+% less energy costs vs. disk solutions. Please inquire for a quick cost illustration of a base model system with archival software. 

Note: Due to the current floods in Thailand, disk drive prices are flunctuating and we are seeing minor allocations. Now may be a good time to overhaul your backup hardware, as tape drives are not affected. 

Qualstar XLS Enterprise Tape Library Video-3 minutes
Qualstar XLS Enterprise Tape Library Video-3 minutes


RelData Unified Storage Arrays: High IOPS, Low Cost, Tiered Storage 

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RelData's New 9400 Series arrays provide block and file consolidation. Redundant high performance head units coupled with 45 bay JBODs for easy expansion are an ideal solution for clients wanting iSCSI SAN plus NAS/NFS and replication/virtualization and migration, even from existing legacy storage. These come standard with (8) 1Gb ports for data [that can be aggregated] plus a dual 10GbE option is shipping. Shopping for SAN? We invite you to request more details and view a webinar to receive a DiskVaults.com Superman T-Shirt.  (while supplies last)
Our Note: High IOPS, provisioned snapshot technology, great prices and a sophisticated tool/reporting menu make this a great SAN/NAS option. 

  Nasuni's Data Continuity    Service, now w/multi-site access! 

What is Nasuni: It's the first storage as a service/cloud model that combines on-premise access and control, performance and security with offsite scalability and redundancy. Nasuni's Data Continuity Service promises a 100% reliability guarantee, and delivers:

  • On-premise primary storage with built-in backup and offsite protection
  • Centralized management through an easy to learn web interface
  • Easy adoption- requiring less than one (1) hour of IT training
  • Straightforward implementation and deployment
  • Lights-out maintenance
  • One-click restore of any version of a file or directory
  • Complete system restore within 15 minutes after a disaster

Our Tech Note: It's like buying a mirrored NetApps filer in 1TB. chunks, renewable yearly, with no SLA's or data center buildout. Plus, no one else has multiple site access to a file system via backend storage (Amazon S3) with security, encryption and a primary NAS interface. 


We invite you to start using the Nasuni technology via our landing page to download this. Please call for assistance or a price quote. 


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Contact Us

A Message from our President:
We custom architect for each and every client with a data center project to solve. If you run into shortage issues on your mass storage needs for Q4, please call us and we promise to be resourceful and help you anyway we can. 

Partial Vendor List: 
  • Data Direct Networks, SGI, Nexsan, BlueArc/Hitachi for Enterprise SAN, NAS and HPC solutions. 
  • PresSTORE, Aspera, Sonnett and Active Storage for MAC/Apple and mixed platform workflow and archive solutions. 
  • EMC, Nexsan, Huawei Symantec, and RelData for iSCSI SAN and DAS. 
  • Qualstar, Overland and SpectraLogic Tape Libraries and Unitrends and Nexsan Assureon Archival Appliances
  • Solid State Arrays and SAN Acceleration 
  • Chelsio Unified Storage Software, 10GbE HBA's, Fibre to iSCSI Low Cost Migration 
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Jeanne Wilson
President/Storage Architect

SAN, NAS, DAS, Archive and Backup Integration
Direct: 928-284-2535 or 888-472-8028 email: jeanne@condorstorage.com

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