Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Excellent site of Linux resources.

Linux resources

• Hyperlink map of Android API classes
• Android packages
• Android internals
• Linux man pages
• Map of GNU/Linux OS internals
• Interactive map of GNU/Linux OS and FOSS
• "GNU/Linux is my home" - map of GNU/Linux system
• Interactive map of Linux kernel
• Linux inside
• Linux Technology Reference (single page view)
• Linux kernel diagram
• Linux Device Drivers, 3rd Edition
• Advanced Linux Programming
• Managing Projects with GNU make
• 1000 Hacker Tutorials 2008
• Understanding the Linux Kernel, 3rd Edition
• Linux Kernel Development, 2nd Edition
• Embedded Linux kernel and driver development
• Introduction to Linux
• Bash Guide for Beginners
• Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide
• GNU/Linux Command-Line Tools Summary
• Linux Filesystem Hierarchy
• The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide
• The Linux System Administrator's Guide
• Linux Network Administrators Guide
• GNU/Linux advanced administration
• Autobook: GNU Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool src
• Understanding the Linux Virtual Memory Manager
Linux related products
• Linux kernel poster

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