Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stable = Older

It's also simpler under the hood which is also important for Stability.

But it all depends on what your trying to do. GUI vs. Server. 
For Server I'd go with BSD.

For GUI I'd go with Windows,  Apple OS-X (BSD variant), maybe Android (haven't developed on it yet)
  X Windows just sucks.

For Embedded , I'd go with what ever the eval boards ship with. Usually Linux these days. (Certainly not PSOS or QNIX)

At this point I can compile the same code on all of these using GCC and run them equally well.  They are all Posix compliant. SDL run's on all of them.
Java also run on them. So does Flash, LLVM, TCL, PERL, RUBY, Python or what ever langue du jour.

Let's end the religious wars on OS's, it's about getting your work done. The OS is just a platform for the language your want your code to run on.

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