Wednesday, August 24, 2011

FutureAlpha: Chinese Open Source OS.


(Translated from Chinese)
FutureAlpha Introduction

FutureAlpha (next alpha) is a core operating system independent network for the future application of micro-kernel operating system, which the Internet as a software development and operating platform.

The software seamlessly extends from the client device to a huge Internet background, the operating system as a high-level resource management and sharing, diversity and flexibility of services to support the platform, supporting a variety of new network application model, the formation of new, open and sustainable growth of information systems.

Special areas of the current positioning, and ultimately to the general market. Its main features are: self-micro-kernel, compatible with mainstream WINDOWS / LINUX application, control security systems, distributed computing, transparent computing, lightweight, object-oriented design, a high degree of portability (currently supports X86 CPU (Intel, AMD), MIPS32, MIPS64 (Godson series CPU), ARM), a high degree of abstract-driven model and refining the application programming interface.

FutureAlpha operating system development was officially launched in 2005, a total to go through four stages: V1 (programs to recognize and experimental development),
V2 (experience),
V3 (for private),
V4 (for Universal)

The project has just entered V3 stage.

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