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Fwd: ACCU: Silicon Valley Code Camp Announcement

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1) There is no speaker for this month.

2) ACCU is sponsoring a C++/C++11 Track at Silicon Valley Code Camp on October
6th and 7th. Code Camp is a conference of free sessions on many technical
topics. For more information: <>

Details about the C++/C++11 track are still being finalized and *more tracks
are being added as we speak*, but here is what it looks like right now:

   9:45 Exception-Safe Coding in C++ Part I, Jon Kalb

   11:15 Exception-Safe Coding in C++ Part II, Jon Kalb

   1:45 Logic Paradigm for C++ Part I, Roshan Naik

   3:30 Logic Paradigm for C++ Part II, Roshan Naik

   1:45 Generic Programming in C++: A real-world example, Marshall Clow

   9:15 C++11: Rvalues, Move Semantics, and Perfect Forwarding, Jon Kalb

   10:45 C++11 Idioms, Sumant Tambe

   1:15 Threads and Shared Variables in C++11, Hans Boehm

   2:45 Windows 8 development with C++, Matt Harrington

   2:45 Introducing the Clang C++ Compiler, Chandler Carruth

The track description:

C++ is Hot!

Mobile and cloud technologies are re-energizing interest in the
uncompromising performance that C++ delivers and the new ISO/ANSI standard
(C++11) introduces features that allow programmers to achieve that
performance with ever greater expressiveness.

Join us as we discuss how to get the most out of Classic C++ and discover
the new features of C++11 that are being delivered now by the latest

Sessions in this track are being given by award winning presenters. We will
go beyond Procedural and Object-Oriented Paradigms to explore Generic
Programming and Logic Paradigms. We will teach you how to write code in both
Classic C++ and C++11 that you can be confident is performant, maintainable,
and 100% robust in the face of exceptions. We will cover new C++11 features,
including the new standard for threading and what Scott Meyer¹s calls ³the
marquee feature of C++11,² move semantics. We will also introduce you to
some powerful new tool sets, one from Microsoft and the other Open Source
(Clang), for use with both Classic C++ and C++11.


The ACCU meets monthly. Meetings are always open to the public and are
free of charge. To suggest topics and speakers please email Walter
Vannini via

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