Thursday, May 10, 2012

CCNx content-centric networking.


CCNx project, which is led by Van Jacobson, a research fellow at PARC. On September 21, 2009, PARC published the specifications for interoperability and released an initial open source implementation (under GPL) of the Content Centric Networking research project on the Project CCNx site.

Van Jacobson

One of the primary contributors to the technological foundations of today's Internet, Van Jacobson joined PARC in 2006 as a Research Fellow to lead itsContent-Centric Networking (CCN) research program.

Van's algorithms for the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) helped solve the problem of congestion and are used in over 90% of Internet hosts today. Widely credited with enabling the Internet to expand in size and support increasing speed demands, Van helped the Internet survive a major traffic surge (1988-89) without collapsing.

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Project CCNx exists to develop, promote, and evaluate a new approach to communication architecture we call content-centric networking.  We seek to carry out this mission by creating and publishing open protocol specifications and an open source software reference implementation of those protocols.  We provide support for a community of people interested in experimentation, research, and building applications with this technology, all contributing to its evolution.

Project CCNx is sponsored by the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) and is based upon the PARC Content-Centric Networking (CCN) architecture, which is the focus of a major, long-term research and development program. 

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