Friday, December 23, 2011

Anonymous vs. Godaddy

Looks like it's had some impact.  I must admit I didn't move my domains.  I probably should, I have had GoDaddy do a few crappy things to me over the years. Like grabbing domains for themselves that I couldn't pay at the time and an then lost. They wanted to auction it to me at insanely inflated prices.
I've notice if you use GoDaddy to check if a domain is available, and don't register it then and there, and it's a good name, it will be owned by GoDaddy within a day.
They took my domain from me and gave it to someone else who used forged paperwork, even though it was in my name personally and even when I produced legitimate paperwork they refuse to give it back and pointed me to very complex lawyer requiring dispute resolution process.

Domain registrar Go Daddy lost over 21,000 domains yesterday. It could be a coincidence--or it could be the result of the company's p.r. debacle over its support for the Stop Online Piracy Act.

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