Thursday, September 22, 2011

Need to spike someone - USE DD and random noise

I have a persistent hacker DOSing (Denial Of Service attack) one
of my php websites. So to get them off my back I decide to Spike.
10 Megabytes seemed sufficient.

Now I need 10 Megabytes of noise. John suggested dd and /dev/null.
Linux has a /dev/random that is " very high quality randomness
such as one-time pad". I decided on /dev/urandom, which is
"theoretically vulnerable to a cryptographic attack"

'urandom' does not have to wait for noise to create its numbers.

To create a spike:
dd if=/dev/urandom of=10MB_file.bin count=20K

if - is the input file, as stated
of - is the output file, in this case the file I named '10MB_file.bin'
count - is "copy only (x number of) BLOCKS" from the input

Block size is 512 bytes by default, multipled by 20, then K
indicates to multiply by another 1024.
So, it is 512*20*1024 = 10 Megabytes. (Spike)


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