Monday, December 27, 2010

The Church of BSD: Background

We are not a Satanic Cult Although we may be a cult, this has yet to be determined

One day I was at a restaurant explaining process control to one of my disciples.
I was mentioning how we have to kill the children (child processes) if they become unresponsive. Or we can even set an alarm for the children to kill themselves. That the parent need to wait (wait3) and acknowledge that the child has died or else it will become a zombie. The look of horror the woman sitting across had was unforgettable. I tried to explain it was a computer software thing but it was too late, she fled terrified, probably to call the police or something. I didn't really want to stick around too long to find out.
From: man ps Z Marks a dead process (a ``zombie'').

Hey, you just can't make up shit like this.

Don't forget that you have to Fork to Spawn Children, and the only way to Kill

On another occasion while being filmed doing a live video streaming event with Arthur C. Clarke, The camera filmed me key flying across the keyboard typing "kill 666". Just sort of odd the process ID, I didn't think much of it till It ended up in the final cut of a documentary video made about it.

And what about "chmod 666".

They say when you play a Microsoft CD backwards you can hear satanic messages...but that's nothing, if you play it forward it will install Windows! 
And what about Chuck?

 One another occasion a very christian individual was noticing the devil logo, I tried to explain it was a daemon, not demon or devil and didn't have any satanic meaning, again they freaked.

You have to admit, that's sort of a Satanic symbol if you ever saw one, right?

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